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Is it best to purchase my appliances before designing my new kitchen?

This question is one of the top 5 questions asked when I meet a client for the first time.

Unless you found a super bargain you just can’t simply resit, it is best to choose your appliances after your designer has visited your home-why?

The appliances will affect the design and cabinetry around the appliances you would like.

Questions I like to ask clients are-

Do you need more bench space?

Then consider an under bench oven to create more open bench space.

Also installing the microwave under the bench will free up more bench space.

Thinking about how you use your appliances is very important.

If you rarely use the oven then having a wall oven is going to sacrifice valuable bench space.

Always consider your lifestyle when looking at your new appliances.

Do you love to cook?

If you have enough space then consider a larger cooktop- 900mm cooktops are fantastic when cooking for a crowd and a large family.

Similarly, a 900mm oven can take the biggest roast or multiple trays of cakes and biscuits! Yum!

It’s a fashion now to have multiple ovens and stand-alone cookers are also becoming popular.

For me, it would be a complete waste having multiple ovens but it’s a personal choice, however, a built-in coffee machine would be ideal!!!!

We always recommend a 900mm range hood with both a 600mm and 900mm cooktop but if space is limited we may install a 600mm range for you.

Integrated range hoods are the most popular due to their streamline look as well as their efficiency (dependant on the brand).

The motors are getting more powerful and smaller and therefore allowing more storage in the overhead cupboard above the cooktop.

Here is an example of an integrated rangehood- stunning.

I’m also asked if we can reinstall existing appliances.

Most clients choose new as reinstalling ovens and cooktops can detract from the beautiful new kitchen.

If the cooktop or oven is relatively new and standard sizes - let’s do it!

Same goes for dishwashers- unless you are wanting an integrated dishwasher you’ll need to purchase a new dishwasher so we can fit a door panel to match the rest of your new kitchen.

Sinks and taps are installed new.

Majority of clients are choosing under-mount sinks with hardwearing engineered benchtops.

There are so many types of sinks which I will cover in a future blog but briefly, there are two main design styles-

Inset and under-mount.

Inset is what most of us have in our existing kitchens and sit on the top of the bench with the tap holes in the stainless steel rim.

Under-mount sinks can be installed with engineered stone benchtops and are fitted under the tops (funny about that!).

With both styles you can purchase bowls only, one and a quarter bowls with and without drainers, one and three quarters or double bowls and in a variety of finishes.

There are some sexy sinks on the market!!

When you purchase your appliances (unless we are supplying them for you) you will need to have all specifications at our final check measure.

We also have South Australian building codes we adhere to when installing your new kitchen.

Ultimately your kitchen will be designed for your needs, your requirements and your budget.

We look forward to designing your new Reedesign Kitchen.

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