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5 Mistakes When Choosing A New Kitchen

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Your kitchen is where the action happens, from homework, household administration, family meals and entertaining.

A clever design can create the ultimate multitasking space. The consideration and assistance from a professional can save costly mistakes as many things can be overlooked.

Here are 5 Mistakes commonly made when choosing a new kitchen.

1. Choosing the Wrong Benchtop

With an abundance of choices for benchtop materials it’s easy to become overwhelmed with choice.

The benchtop is the most hardworking surface in your home so it is important to choose wisely.

Natural stone, Engineered Stone, Laminate, Timber, which one is right for you?

If you don’t want to stress over the cleaning and maintenance of your surfaces, an engineered finish or budget friendly laminate is the best option.

The Mirostone Range of benchtops are non porous and easy clean without harsh chemicals.

When your cooking up a storm it will resist the toughest of stains- yes, we are talking about you turmeric.

Mirostone successfully avoids all the time consuming delays and inconvenience of other surfaces as it is installed the day after your cabinets have been fitted.

Don’t overlook the humble Laminate. Clever design and huge color choices can make for a clever and sophisticated kitchen without the price tag of solid surface bench tops.

2. Not Thinking About Appliances Early

It is easier to place your cabinets around your appliance than trying to fit appliances into cabinetry design.

Do you want that ultimate 900mm free standing over you’ve always dreamed of, or are you a take away connoisseur and rarely use your oven?

Is your fridge on its last ice making cycle? Then allowing enough space for a future upgrade is essential.

Having thought about your appliances- not necessarily purchasing them before the design, you designer can incorporate the appliances for your needs and requirements. Aim to have sizes of your essential "must have" appliances and show your designer the appliance you would like to reuse.

3. Not Allowing Enough Space

We all want to put loads of storage into our kitchens but consideration of space is imperative.

To avoid traffic jams and poor flow it is very important to plan for adequate room when planning your kitchen.

Aim to have enough room to open drawers, dishwashers, fridge and other appliances without having them touching.

Cooking chaos can happen when there is not enough room between benches to manouvre, open cabinets and pass each other.

Plan for at minimum 900 millimeters, more if you can, of space between the island and fixed items – other benchtops in the kitchen and walls. This will allow enough room for people to move around the kitchen without having to turn sideways and be able to work comfortably in the kitchen.

4. Going Overboard With Open Shelving

While shelving can add that pop of personality into your kitchen, displaying your impressive crockery or glassware, they all start off perfectly styled but often end up chaotic, cluttered and a bit of an eyesore. It’s also a nice home for dust bunnies and in our Australian environment, the common fly vomit.

Popping things behind closed storage means you never need worry about it.

5.Not enough Lighting

Lighting is so important for a calming and welcoming atmosphere as well as task lighting when you’re using that super sharp chef knife.

Adding LED strip under your upper cabinets can light your bench tops, while adding pendant lighting can bring mood lighting for that casual dinner.

Consider dimmer switches, skylights and downlights when consulting with your electrician about lighting options prior to removal of your existing kitchen.

Oh and, also make sure you have enough power points for all your appliances and chargers.

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