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10 Home Improvements to Tackle While in Self Isolation

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

10 Home Improvements to Tackle while in Self Isolation

During this difficult time our globe is facing and the need to self isolate and sadly, with many spending time more at home due to this dreadful pandemic, I thought it would be fun to put together some ideas how we can use this time improve our home.

Having to be in self-isolation for 14 days ourselves after travel, it’s great to knock off some tasks around the house that have been on my “to-do list”(some for many years!)

1. Paint-

As I have said in my other blogs, Paint is one of the cheapest ways to change and spruce up an area.

Luckily, we had some ceiling paint in the shed and we, (well- I just put down the drop sheets!) spent a few days painting the ceiling throughout the house.

It looks so fresh and clean and now I can’t wait to refresh all the walls.

If you do need to buy paint, try to shop at an independently owned Hardware Store instead of larger chains.

We love to support as many small businesses as we can and now it is paramount we support these small businesses and their families.

2. Windows-

I know it sounds a bit weird but I love cleaning windows!

Having sparkling clean windows is such a joy to look at.

I use an Enjo cleaner which uses only water to clean and is super quick and efficient, but you can also use mentholated spirits mixed with water in a spray bottle for a cheap and Eco-friendly option.

Take off your fly screens and pop them in the shower to clean all the dust off.

Now could be a time to fix those holes in your fly screens which is an easy DIY job.

3. Clean out the shed-

The humble shed is a place often neglected and if yours is anything like ours, we seem to stash things away and never really get the time to sort it out.

It’s so liberating to clear it out and put it back in an organized fashion.

It takes me a lot longer as I tend to get sidetracked on all the treasures and memories I find, not to mention my unfinished projects!

Donate your unwanted items to charity or sell them on a platform once we have this virus beat or order a skip for a major clean up.

We use and recommend Handiskips.

They are a small South Australian family business like ours.

While you’re at it, also go through your wardrobe and donate unwanted clothes to charity or make a dress up box for the kids!

4. Herbs and Vegys-

Whether you live in an apartment with a balcony or a ¼ acre block, everyone can grow some kind of herbs or vegetables.

I am lucky to have a dedicated vegetable garden, which currently is a bit neglected, actually quite neglected, but I am regenerating now it to help feed us in the coming months.

Even if you only have a few pots with your favourite herbs, it will not only save you dollars at the checkout, it is so much fresher and satisfying to use herbs you have grown yourself.

Ugly black pots can be spray painted or wrapped in hessian or even use cheap colourful buckets (put holes in the bottom for drainage) so there is no need to spend a fortune on pretty pots.

My mother used old and chipped plates as saucers for her pots and I also do the same.

Consult an Australian planting guide to plant the correct vegetables at the right time.

This will take you to a guide of what to plant when for the Adelaide area.

You could even plant a fruit tree?

Perry’s Fruit and Nut Farm at McLaren Flat supply a range of fruit and nut trees.

5. Carry out an energy audit-

How can you conserve on your energy consumption?

With so many more people spending time at home your energy consumption will increase so carrying out an energy check is quite important.

Turn off appliances that are not in use.

Check the setting in your fridge and freezer; does it need to be so high?

Change to energy-saving LED light globes where possible.

Avoid using the dryer- it loves sucking energy.

Consider putting on an extra jumper instead of turning on the heating.

Switch off lights when you are not using that room.

If you own a pool or spa, check the temperature settings and reduce to a lower setting over the cooler months.

Do you really need to keep running the extra fridge in the rumpus room or shed?

For a more in-depth energy audit information.

6. Check on your Neighbours-

OK-Not really a home improvement but just thought I’d throw it out there that now is a time we need to stand together and maybe give your neighbour a call or holler over the fence to see if they are OK.

7. Give your Home’s Entrance a Spruce Up-

It is said you don’t get a second chance of making a first impression and that goes for your home too.

Consider giving your faithful letterbox a makeover or giving the front door a lick of paint.

Maybe polish up those door handles and weed the garden path and borders.

Mow the front lawn, if you have one, and treat it with a bit of fertilizer with the oncoming rain.

A fresh pot of flowers or maybe those herbs you’re planning to grow placed on the front porch, if it’s a nice sunny spot, is a pretty addition.

8. Drips, Tanks and Gutters-

With your new-found love of growing herbs and veggies, you need water and the best kind is rainwater.

If you don’t already have a rainwater tank, think about installing even a small rainwater tank can make a difference to your water bill.

You need not spend a lot as water tanks come in all shapes and sizes, from wheelie bins, blue tub containers and small tanks.

You’ll need clean gutters for your rainwater harvesting, so while this is a task best taken on by someone confident, if your not please don’t risk it- call in a handyman.

With a larger tank, you can have a pump connected to service your toilet, showers and washing machine. This needs to be carried out by a licensed plumber.

To save water consumption, best check all your taps for leaks and change washers if they are leaking.

Look at your shower alcove – does it need re-calking?

If you do re-calk, remember it needs to be left to dry for 24 hours making now the perfect time to carry out this task.

I have seen homes severely damaged by termites due to shower leaks, so this task could save you thousands!

9. Clean the BBQ

With the end of daylight saving and the end of our summer weather, sadly our BBQ’s go into hibernation but now is the perfect time to give it a good clean, fill up the gas bottle.

Bring it close to the house for alternate cooking source in the event of power failures.

Teach your older children how to cook their own sausage sizzle or the perfect grilled haloumi.

10. Start Planning your new Reedesign Kitchen-

Spending so much time at home, you can start thinking about your new Reedesign Kitchen.

Have a think about what you would like to change and write your wish list for your new kitchen.

While currently (31/03/2020) we are still able to come into your home for a FREE in-home consultation and we are taking all the necessary procedures to keep both you and us safe.

We are taking advice from our Government in this ever-changing environment.

We understand if you are not comfortable, want to wait, or if you would like a virtual appointment, contact via our contact page on our website to receive instructions how to measure and book in your Skype appointment.

We are going to get through this if we all stand together and work together.

Be kind whenever possible- It is always possible to be kind. Dalai Lama

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