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Reedesign Kitchens offers you complete kitchen renovation, including:

· A great selection of unique kitchen designs by experienced designers

· Quality European kitchen appliances from IAG and Fagor

· Delivery and Installation by an experienced team

· Superior craftsmanship at a price you CAN afford

· Electrical, plumbing and builders co-ordination-no hidden costs!

· Stylish Glass splashbacks by Creative Splashbacks

· Forever Infinity benchtops- no visible joins

· Kitchen cost starting from as low as $4999


Reedesign Kitchens manage the design, delivery and installation of your new kitchen from beginning to end, ensuring minimal disruption to your household. Most kitchens only take between 3 to 5 days to complete and delivery can be arranged in 10 working days.(depending on style chosen) Quality craftsmanship and expert installation of your kitchen and appliances guaranteed, you’ll be enjoying your new kitchen for many years to come.

When your kitchen needs renovating, Reedesign Kitchens offers a fantastic collection of unique kitchen designs. Our experts have over 30 years experience in the kitchen industry and our team is passionate to provide great customer service. We will help you choose the perfect design that meets your kitchen requirements at an affordable price.

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services_clip_image005Acrylic benchtops have been around for over 30 years and have been regularly used in commercial applications. Now this high quality alternative has become popular in residential homes. The most attractive feature of Infinity is the ability to join pieces together seamlessly, providing the appearance of your benchtop being carved from one piece.
Infinity Benchtops are completely repairable and renewable, offering peace of mind that can easily restore it to its new original condition. A simple sand and polish is all that is needed to have your kitchen benchtops looking good as new.services_clip_image006
Infinity benchtops offer the ideal solution when deciding what to have in your kitchen. Not only providing a cost effective “Solid Surface” option, their ease of fabrication allows them to be installed immediately after the cabinets have been completed. Infinity provides a rapid and attractive cost effective solution.
stylish gloss
18mm thick, High Gloss Polyester painted door featuring a tight pencil round edge. They highest volume Gloss Lacquer Doors sold in Australia.
They are manufactured using new generation “2 pack” Polyester paint (most other painted doors are made with Polyurethane paint). Polyester paint dries harder then Polyurethane and therefore have a much higher resistance to scratches. Polyester is more difficult to work with but provides a higher quality finish and offers a greater “depth” to the gloss. The moisture resistant MDF core material is first sprayed with a sanding sealer, which fills all of the imperfections and provides the smoothest base to start the painting process. Layers of new technology polyester paint are applied and each one is finely sprayed on, sealing the door and leaving a smoother more ripple free finish than previously possible.

    • Exceptional price vs. performance comparison. Low cost/high quality/long lifespan.
    • Infinitely better UV stability ,
    • Very well balanced and therefore less likely to bow then other doors.
    • No PVC edge tape that can peel off over time, or when exposed to heat and humidity.
    • European standard working practices adopted for Paint Colour consistency.
    • Environmentally Friendly. No plastic materials such as PVC involved.